The AlternatesEdit

Within the Shizaya fandom, there exists another fandom in which the alternates or the alteregos of Shizuo Heiwajima and Orihara Izaya are paired together. 

This fandom can be considered as an independent fandom at the same time can be classified under 'Shizaya' though most prefer it as an independent.

The alternates came to be through the art that was release among the merchandise in which the fans had seen here is the list of the alternates: 

Heiwajima Shizuo's alternates: Edit

  • Tsugaru (Tsugaru Kaikyo Fuyugeshiki)
  • Delic (Psychedelic Dream OST 2)
  • Tsuki (Tsukishima- DVD 13)
  • Shitsuo ( Joint Event with Black Butler) 

    Shizuo, Izaya and their alternatives/alter-egos.

  • Psy (Psychedelic-420/p420)
  • Middle School Shizuo (DVD 2)
  • Pritzuo (Halloween Special)
  • Ruby Yubiwa ( Ruby No Yubiwa)

Orihara Izaya's alternates: Edit

  • Psyche (Psychedelic Dreams OST1)
  • Hibiya (Subarashi Hibi)
  • Roppi (Hachimenroppi-DVD 2)
  • Sakuraya (Yasuda's Art Book)
  • Vi (Virus-138/v138)
  • Izaya-sensei (DVD 8)
  • Izetsuki (Halloween Special)
  • Manya / (Manga Izaya)
  • Toudaimoto Kurashi / Toudai Moto Kurashi (DRRR!!x2 Original Drama CD)

Anti AltsEdit

these alts are the opposites of the first three alts: Tsugaru, Delic, Tsukishima, Psyche, and Roppi: 

  • Anti-Tsugaru (Tsugaru in Red Haori)
  • Anti-Delic (Delic in Blue)
  • Anti-Tsuki (Tsuki w/ Black Scarf personality is like roppi)
  • Anti-Psyche (Psyche in Blue)
  • Anti-Roppi (Roppi w/ outgoing personality and has a purple fur trimmed coat)

Japanese FandomEdit

Most Japanese fans consider these alternates as clones created by Izaya, who was trying to find a way to kill Shizuo (but probably ended up changing his feelings about the blonde after seeing the alternates getting along...) This is probably a reason on why the alternates look like either Shizuo or Izaya but act in a different way. It is a mere headcanon though.