Anti-Roppi, or Hachi, is the fanmade Anti-Alternative of Roppi.


Personality Edit

Hachi has the opposite personality of Roppi, which makes him really similar to Izaya himself. The main difference is that unlike Izaya, Hachi polite and kind, which makes him want to care for and help his beloved humans. He can also be really cheeky, laughing and smiling often.

Characteristics Edit


Hachi has black hair, purple eyes and his coat is black with purple fur, but the style of his clothes is the same as Roppi's, only in a different palette.

Relationships Edit


Hachi's pair is Shima, the Anti-Tsuki. The two of them are nearly polar

opposites, with Hachi being someone who is really playful and enjoys helping others while Shima is someone cold, who hates people. Together they balance each other, with one's weaknesses being the other one's strengths.