Anti-Tsugaru Kaikyo Fuyugeshiki, or simply Kaikyo, is the fan made Anti-Alternative version of Tsugaru.

Personality Edit

Kaikyo is arrogant and snobbish, wanting others to obey him and thinking of himself as superior. He is also violent and loud, but unlike Shizuo this doesn’t come from a lack of control over his anger, but as means to achieve an end and to prove himself superior due to his cocky side.

Relationships Edit


Kaikyo and Blue

Kaikyo is usually paired up with Blue, who he originally found online and started to bother upon realizing that the other man was a hacker. Their relationship started with him pushing Blue around and taking advantage of Blue's emotionless behavior to boss him around, but before he realized it, Kaikyo was longing for any demonstration of emotion from Blue and soon he grew to love the smaller man and started wanting to protect him and show him that the world outside of his house and his computers was worth exploring.