Anti-Tsuki, or Shima, is the fanmade Anti-Alternative of Tsukishima.

Personality Edit

Shima, like Roppi, is usually never happy, acting cold and calculating and getting annoyed rather easily when it comes to human interactions. Unlike Shizuo, though, Shima does not go rampage upon being happy and instead just becomes colder and meaner.

Characteristics Edit

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Anti-Tsuki with Anti-Roppi.

Shima is wearing the same clothes as Tsuki, in different colors. His bartender outfit has the opposite colors, his scarf and hair are black while his eyes are blue.

Relationships Edit


Anti-Tsuki and Anti-Roppi

Shima is usually paired with Hachi. The two of them are nearly polar opposites, with Hachi being someone who is really playful and enjoys helping others while Shima is someone cold, who hates people. Together they balance each other, with one's weaknesses being the other one's strengths.