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Hibiya Orihara, sometimes referred to as Subarashi, is one of Izaya Orihara's alternate for the OST soundtrack of Durarara!!.  

He is dressed as a prince. With a gold crown, cape, and striped pants that are even sometimes depicted as tights and such. Hibiya also rides proud on his horse, often called "Alfred".  

Unlike Psychedelic, (which consists of Psyche and Delic) he does not appear on the front cover of the soundtrack, but he does have his own song.  


Like his appearance, Hibiya acts like a prince. He is represented to have a childish, spoiled-rotten persona. He tends to think he is better than everyone else, generally calling everyone else "commoner" or "peasant". Though his persona comes off strong and brash, underneath the skin he is a shy child. Many think he is a full-blown tsundere. Alongside the bratty side of Hibiya some people portray him as a dark prince. Like most of the characters, each one has its own dark side and Hibiya's is bloody and cruel as he is merciful against his enemies. 


Awwww Hibi is drunk!

He always thinks very highly of himself and also a reflection of the bratty side of Izaya. His persona is a depiction, so to say, as the bratty and vain side of Izaya and the way he thinks he is above all others.

Appearance Edit

Hibiya has a gold tiara-like crown and a gold cape. He appears to be wearing a white tunic with a black shirt under it accompanied by white elbow length dress gloves. He's wearing black pants under black and white vertical striped trousers or tights, underneath and calf height white boots. Uncommon for Izaya alter egos, he has gold eyes.


Durarara!! - Delic & Hibiya

Hibiya x Delic.

Not many people could put up with someone like Hibiya and keep up with his demands.    

Delic Heiwajima Edit

Hibiya is high maintenance, and yet the many pair him with Delic, a sex-crazed persona. They are at odds with each other and bicker over silly things, but they are rather loyal. For some reason Delic finds Hibiya's spoiled nature cute and loves doting on him.

Psyche Orihara Edit

Hibiya can also be paired Psyche on occasion. This pairing tends to be very fluffy and sweet.

Shitsuo Heiwajima Edit

Many portray this Hibiya is also with his butler, Shitsuo, on rare occasions. It can range from fluffy to sadistic, as far as fanfics and other depictions go.

Sakuraya Orihara Edit

Many believe this relationship is a nicer alternative to many of the pairings. Sakuraya, as depicted in fan art, is shown to be very caring of Hibiya.