Kanra Orihara is the female version of Izaya. Kanra is also the female alias Izaya uses online in the series.

Personality Edit

Kanra is the feminine side of Izaya. Like Izaya, she loves how unpredictable humanity is and spends most of her time observing people in order to understand the human behavior.

She acts in a charming and seductive manner, manipulating others in every way possible in order to achieve her goals. Even so, she is more sentimental than Izaya and dislikes the fact that she is so lonely.

Conflict is what she loves to watch and create the most, but unlike Izaya she might get personally involved instead of being in the shadows.

Characteristics Edit


Kanra's appearance changes quite often. Her haircut goes from as short as Izaya's to long depending on the tastes of who portraits her.

The only thing she usually keeps is the fur coat, which is usually long, like the one Izaya is seen with in the manga. Her shirt is usually also black like Izaya's. What changes is the fact that some draw her with a skirt while others in shorts, which are usually black but sometimes also red.

There are also people who draw her with black stockings.

Relationships Edit

Kanra is usually paired with Shizuo or Shizuka.

Shizuka Edit


Kanra and Shizuka

Shizuka and Kanra have a similar relationship to Shizuo and Izaya. According to Shizuka, Kanra is an ant. They are not as violent as Shizuo and Izaya in their actions even though they often fight.

Kanra loves Shizuka a lot but, unable to express feelings such as love, often teases her in order to get her attention, annoying Shizuka and making her try to attack the smaller woman.

Aside from that Shizuka also hates how Kanra hits on others in order to get whatever she wants and rumors that she has relationships with others for information only make things worst.

Even so Shizuka is capable of realizing that Kanra is only seeking her attention and tries to ignore the words that come out of her mouth and the rumors about her.

Shizuo Edit


Kanra with Shizuo

Shizuo doesn't act the same way towards woman as he does towards man. Meaning he wouldn't just attack Kanra because she is annoying him and would manage to stay calmer than he does with Izaya.