Durarara!! - Sakuraya

Sakuraya Orihara, came from one of the artbooks that Yasuda-sensei had published called Shooting Star Bebop Side. 


Out of all the Izaya's alternates, he's the most feminine character above others. 

Unlike the other Izaya alternates, he's more polite and has good manners. However at times, many fans tend to bring out his mischievous and playful self. 

It might be a possibility that he reflects the gentleness in Izaya. 


He has a pair of pink coloured eyes, not to be mistaken as Psyche's or Delic's. He has more or a light pink in his eyes compared to the Psychedelic pair.  

Sakuraya's outfit consisted out of a pink and white kind of a kimono, next to Tsugaru's blue and white one. 

Relationships Edit

Sakuraya is depicted to have more of a gentleness in him then the rest of the alternates, so it would be natural to assume he gets along with most of the others pretty well.

Shitsuo Heiwajima Edit

Sakuraya is most often paired with Shitsuo. Their relationship tends to be a fluffy one but not much has been explored between these two.

Hibiya Orihara Edit

The relationship shared between Sakuraya and Hibiya is often portrayed as a simple friendship, mostly because Sakuraya is the nicest of the Izaya alternates. They have to share the same butler.