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Shizaya and IzuoEdit

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This is Izuo


This is Shizaya

Shizaya is when Shizuo Heiwajima is seme (the dominant role in sex) and Izaya Orihara is the uke (the submissive role). Izuo is the opposite: Izaya is seme and Shizuo is uke.

To understand better, let's go back to the basic knowledge of yaoi and shounen ai.

Seme/Top - is often the attacker or the 'man' in the relationship, but it means the one that's penetrating. Just because they are the lead, does not mean that they are the one in control.

Uke/Bottom - is the receiver, sometimes referred to as the 'feminine' role in the relationship. But, just like in a heterosexual relationship, being the feminine role doesn't mean you don't hold the reins.

The rule of thumb in pairings is that the seme's name comes first before the uke. See the difference? The picture on the left shows Izaya taking initiative: Izuo, whereas the picture to the right is Shizaya since Shizuo's obviously the initiator.

Knowing ShizayaEdit

We all know that Shizaya is basically about Shizuo and Izaya. Whether they already have an established relationship or not is up to the author but one thing is for sure, they LOVE each other.

There are different variations of Shizaya which is the following:                                                                  

Shizuka x Kanra

Tsugaru x Psyche

Delic x Hibiya

Tsukishima x Hachimenroppi

Shitsuo x Sakuraya

Psychedelic-420 x Virus 138

Pritzuo x Izetsuki

Anti-Tsugaru x Psychedelic Blue

Ruby x Toudaimoto

Shima x Hachi

Note: pairings mentioned here are the most popular ones or well known but there are other variations.

They are not Shizaya in a way, but at the same time they can also be considered Shizaya. Each one of the mentioned pairings has its own beauty.

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