Heiwajima Shizuka

Shizuka Heiwajima is the female version of Shizuo.

Personality Edit

Shizuka's personality is much like Shizuo's, but unlike Shizuo, she is self-conscious of her looks because, due to her strength, people used to joke that she acted like a man. This lead her to try and act and look feminine in order to feel more normal.

Characteristics Edit

Shizuka wears a female version of Shizuo's bartender outfit, with a skirt instead of pants. Her hair is often long, reaching her hips, but sometimes also drawn short.

Relationships Edit

Shizuka is usually paired with Izaya or Kanra.

Kanra Edit


Shizuka and Kanra

Shizuka and Kanra have a similar relationship to Shizuo and Izaya. According to Shizuka, Kanra is an ant.

They are not as violent as Shizuo and Izaya in their actions even though they often fight.

Shizuka is often teased by Kanra, which makes her mad and leads to her attacking the smaller woman.

Aside from that Shizuka also hates how Kanra hits on others in order to get whatever she wants and rumors that she has relationships with others for information only make things worst.

Even so Shizuka is capable of realizing that Kanra is only seeking her attention and tries to ignore the words that come out of her mouth and the rumors about her.


Shizuka and Izaya

Izaya Edit

Izaya would become interested in Shizuka rather fast due to her strength and use her insecurities in order to try and use her. Meanwhile Shizuka would get annoyed at Izaya and attack him to try and chase him away from her, but with time she'd start getting interested in the man and clinging to him.